Jesse’s Tree

Portugues vector illustration of Eiffel tower on France flag

Central part: (bottom to top)

1 – Jesse: sleeping covered with a red blanket. He wears a Jewish hat. He is at home because the curtain is closed. Notice the right spear. We have an overlap of Kings of the ancestral Jesse:
2 – David the son of Jesse 3 – Solomon 4 – Rehoboam 5 – Abijah 6 – Mary 7 – Christ: With a halo and a cross. Jesus inaugurates the new times. He is man and God. Prophet and King.
With his hand on the prophet on the left, he speaks by virtue of the power he received from God, and God is never represented.

In total: 7 kings representing the totality or globality 4 + 3.

8 – The dove is the sky. Seven figures, each under a halo, with the seven virtues of the Holy Spirit written from left to right in the last element:
Pietas, Fortitudo, Intellectus, Sapientia, Consilium, Scientia, Timor.
Compassion, Courage, Understanding, Wisdom, Common Sense, Knowledge, Fear.

Wisdom at the top.

On either side, the Prophets announce his coming. Their names are in the streamers.
In the Middle Ages, it was represented with theater performances around the names, with plays or dramatic representations in front of religious buildings: the dramas of the prophets.
Only certain prophets have been touched and that is why you do not see Jeremiah.

Those who are barefoot are those who lived after the coming of Christ.
Prophets always have bare feet: Simplicity.
Those wearing shoes are those who lived before the coming of Christ.

Left: (bottom to top)

9 – Naum 11 – Samuel 13 – Ezekiel 15 – Zechariah 17 – Moses 19 – Isaiah 21 – Habakkuk

Right: (bottom to top)

10 – Hosea 12 – Amos 14 – Micah 16 – Joel 18 – Balaam: a magician who will curse the Jews, but … he can not walk anymore.
His ass does not want to walk anymore. Then he begins to prophesy instead of cursing.
A star came out of Jacob and a Scepter of Judah.
20 – Daniel 22 – Zephaniah

This is the family tree of Jesus of Nazareth. The text is from the prophet Isaiah.

To the right, north. There is blue from the air and deep water. The blue is a cool color, which moves backward as the red advances. We go from blue to red. From cold to heat, from water to fire, from darkness to light. Each element of separation of stained glass, (parlatières), is 3 to 5 cm wide. (1 to 2 inches)

From right to left, the shapes move from Squares in Half-Circles, to Squares and Circles, to finish in Circles alone in the stained glass on the left.

What is in the square represents the earth. Christ’s royal lineage is in the quadrilaterals. What is in the circles is the sky. The spiritual line of Christ is located in the mid-circles.

Colored progressions and formal progressions. Designing the same character, because there is coherence. Consistency of who does and coherence of who reads it. Everything is important in this stained glass.

Here, in the sky of the Ascension, the Tree of Jesse recalls the roots of Jesus and his history



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